(from our amazing, hard working clients)

keone madrid & MAriel madrid professional dancer/choreographer

Tiffany Van Soest: Glory kickboxing super bantamweight world champion, Lion Fight Featherweight world champion, Lion Fight Bantamweight Muay Thai World Champion.  WBC Muay Thai International Super Bantamweight Champion

Best conditioning Coach I've ever had. Thank you for helping me chase my dreams. I wouldn't be the athlete I am today without you!

Offseason Grind: Jerry Attaochu

During the offseason, San Diego Charger linebacker Jerry Attaochu is working out at Optimum Training and Performance (View Video), a local facility in North County.


SDSU Aztec Outfielder Sean Ross Strength and Conditioning with Nghia Pham of Optimum Training and Performance.

Luana Concepcion, Ironman Triathlete/Mom/Personal Trainer

As a triathlete, it is very easy to get engulfed in the endurance training without doing a proper strength program. The constant cardio and endurance training can lead to a ton of over use injuries. 

As a personal trainer myself, I knew I needed someone with the same values and concepts I had when it came to training for longevity. With the many hours of repetitive movement that comes with Ironman triathlons, I know it is the strength and movement training that Nghia has added to my routine that is going to get me to that finish line. 

Since working with Nghia, he has worked on several of my imbalance issues with well thought out movements. He also taught me many things that took me outside of my comfort zone. I am excited for the long haul now, when before the road ahead seemed daunting. 

I recommend Nghia for any sport or goal that you may have, but you have to be committed in yourself, because when working with him, you have to be the best, to work with the best! 

Michelle Nixon

I have worked with Nghia for 10 years. Thoughout this time his passion for training has only intensified. He practices what he preaches and is motivation to his clients. He is a teacher, a coach and a friend. He customizes workouts for each client and no workout is ever the same. He is engaged and attentive. He pushes his clients beyond what they think is possible. He believes in hard work and because you don't want to disappoint him, you push yourself more.

Nghia has helped me tone my body and made me stronger. I came to him with the intent to work out for only a few times with him to learn how to workout. I loved training with him so much, those three planned sessions have turned into 10 years and counting. An investment in training with Nghia is an investment in yourself; your body and your future.

Sharon Friedman

I began training with Nghia to work on strengthening my shoulder prior to rotator cuff surgery. He immediately zeroed in on what was important for my body and had an incredible sense of my limitations as well as how far he could push me.  At about two weeks post-surgery we resumed our training sessions. Our workouts initially focused on building lower body strength, and as soon as my shoulder was ready, we very gradually started to work on strengthening my upper body within my limits.

Nghia has an amazing gift of being able to understand the body. He listens and observes while he is training me and never lets me get to the point where something is not good for my shoulder or any other part of my body. It has now been six months since my surgery and I have almost full range of motion and feel stronger than I have ever been. I look forward to my twice-weekly sessions with Nghia knowing that he will always have a customized workout for me that will challenge both my body and mind. I have total trust in Nghia and cannot thank him enough for helping me through a difficult recovery with his patience, professional expertise and encouragement. I am excited to continue working with him to see what I am capable of now that I am healthy.

Sharon Peterson Wexler 

I have trained with Nghia for about ten years.  Although I'm ten years older I am stronger, more flexible and have better balance.  Nghia has worked through several injuries with me and always finds a way to challenge me despite any limitations I may have.  He encourages me to try things and push myself when I don't think it's possible - and he's always right.  His humble personality and wealth of knowledge guarantee that Nghia will be my trainer for life.

Suzanne Y. Alpizar

I have been training with Nghia for years now and there is a reason that I never go to any other trainer.  His passion in combination with his knowledge make him one of the best!  No one customizes a workout for an individual's needs (he works with all levels of athlete) and motivates you to push just beyond better than Nghia.  I always trust that he knows even more than myself just how far I can go.

Perhaps the best testament to how much I trust and value Nghia's expertise is that my daughter is now under his tutelage.  He knows exactly how to work with a young athlete and explains not only the exercise but why it's important and how it will better her as an athlete.

No one cares more and takes more pride in what he does than Nghia.  I could not ask for a better trainer!

Carrie Frenette 

When I first met Nghia, I hadn’t worked out in several years, weighed 240 pounds and wore a size 16. I had tried going to several gym classes, and was disheartened by how much I couldn’t do and how sore I was afterwards.

I decided to do some personal training just to get me started back in the gym, and everything changed! Nghia immediately knew how much I could do and how hard to push me. He changed up every workout we did so I stay interested and challenged. He was able to get me to a place that I could start doing the classes and feel good about them.

Now, 6 months later, I have never felt better. I’m down 75 pounds and fitting into a size 10! I haven’t been this size in 10 years! I have muscles I never knew I had, and look good in a tank top. I had initially planned on only doing personal training for a month or two, but now I’m completely hooked! Nghia continues to challenge me, and keeps me interested with new workouts even now 6 months later! He is supportive and encouraging for everything both inside and outside of the gym, and very responsive with questions and suggestions for outside activities, diet, and workouts with my husband.

Nghia and Optimum TAP has changed my life!